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I dunno. || Sylar & The Other

Can we take a moment to realize how well the Other did his job? Considering the fact that Brad has so many friends, being able to hide your presence as a completely different mind requires a bit of acting skill. Especially since him and Brad were so different. Admittedly, it did take a bit of research into Brad’s life to be able to copy his personality and speech. Though, the Other felt like he got all of Brad’s friends down, so he started to let his inner self show a bit more than he would have at first.

The only thing that was slightly similar to Brad and the Other was the fact that they both liked the cafe. The Other didn’t spend all of his time there, like Brad did, but he liked it there. Plus, it was good for researching purposes. So there he was, in the cafe, sipping his coffee and thinking about the universe

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    The Other sighed, shaking his head. “Alright, fine, curiosity is getting the best of me. How have you died?” He asked,...
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    Sylar shrugged. ”After it happens a dozen times it stops being depressing and becomes annoying as hell. That’s why I...